It is impossible to talk about Raby Construction without discussing the strong presence and daily impact of Cesar, Vice President of Construction Operations. He is the bulwark of the day-to-day construction operations and has a massive impact over all of our company management issues. His calm and unflappable demeanor is the backbone of the Raby operations control center.

Cesar’s roots are in the Midwest, specifically in the Ohio area. His father was a hardworking and a proud union welder. Watching him, Cesar learned the importance of structure, reliability, and grit that he employs every day for his clients. Not only did his father set the high bar on work ethic, but he also taught Cesar to weld proficiently. As Cesar says, “I’ve been able to weld since I could walk.” Raby is proud of his accomplishment, though we have never seen him weld…But we’re watching now.

If you know Cesar, you know about his love of live music. It all begins in a little place called Put-in-Bay in Ohio, a small island in the middle of Lake Erie full of bars and music. This well-kept secret turns out to be a destination for country music aficionados and performers. As Cesar said, “I always have stories to tell about this place!” 

One of the many stories Cesar has from Put-in-Bay is seeing Keith Urban live, which unfortunately ended in the passing of Urban’s road manager after falling off stage. The man was a legend–winning country music awards and serving as Johnny Cash’s road manager at one time. 

While at Put-in-Bay, Cesar catches up with his long-time friend Pat Daly, who is perhaps best known as “The Jimmy Buffet of the Northwest.” We could not get the rest of this story, but we are on it…Just know you can catch Cesar there this summer at the Jelly Roll and Hardy concert.

His extensive music has led him to his favorite genre, which is outlaw country music. Cesar’s love of live music is deep rooted; his concert stubs will fill up any corkboard. His favorite song of all time is “Soulshine” by the Allman Brothers. Side note: Cesar requests this tune every time he goes to Nashville to see a local band called Jackson Caps play. Of course he loves Nashville.

A few tidbits on Cesar that you may not know:

  • Favorite Movie? He has one. “Goodfellas.”  Why? Because you can’t go wrong with a classic mobster movie about loyalty and respect. 
  • Favorite Cologne? Dial Antibacterial Soap. 
  • Favorite Snack? Cesar would rather enjoy a good IPA…go figure. 

We are proud and grateful Cesar has been on the Raby team since 2010–his leadership, acumen, and work ethic make him an invaluable member of our company. We’re toasting his new promotion to VP of Construction Operations with an IPA and “Save Me” by Jelly Roll cued up on the proverbial jukebox.