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Michael Raby


After gaining extensive experience in the engineering and construction fields, Michael Raby founded Raby Construction in 1996 with a mission to provide a more cohesive building process. Throughout the years, he has bolstered the company’s reputation within the Upstate community by delivering quality construction and an excellent customer experience at a fair price. This has led to a booming business that attracts a staff of passionate, hard-working experts. Michael values the industry because it allows him to bring meaning and purpose to otherwise idle areas and connect with his clients on a personal basis.

Dozer Raby


Dozer is a great asset to Raby Construction. He is a hard worker — he loves sleeping, eating treats, and catching frisbees.

Cesar Cortez

Vice President of Construction Operations

Cesar Cortez joined Raby Construction in 2010 as a Senior Project Manager, overseeing all facets of the construction process. Before joining our team, he managed projects with SYS for 18 years, providing him with a strong background in project management. Cesar is enthusiastic about collaborating with clients and producing high-quality work that is delivered on time and on budget.

Hristos Lironis

Chief Financial Officer 

Before starting with Raby in 2022 as a Controller, Hristos spent over a decade in public accounting. He likes the fast-paced and enjoyable environment that Raby Construction offers him daily.

Jennifer Hernandez

Project Administrator

Jennifer Hernandez joined the Raby Construction team in 2022 as a Project Administrator where she supports both the project management and accounting teams in various administrative activities. She currently studies civil engineering at the University of South Carolina and enjoys the hands-on experience that her position at Raby provides. As a bilingual communicator, Jennifer is able to help seamlessly facilitate conversation whenever needed.

William Pittman

Project Manager

A team member at Raby Construction since 2016, William Pittman serves on our team as a Project Manager responsible for ensuring that all equipment and every crew member on his job sites is safe and effective. This allows projects to flow from an idea on paper to a beautiful structure in an efficient and timely manner. William is passionate about the art of “moving dirt” as well as being outdoors.

Diana Raby

Operations and Accounting Manager

Diana entered the construction industry by way of an unusual path, completing her education with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising from Brenau University. However, she has always had a passion for detail and project management, so managing accounting and operations fits her strengths and skills. She is a driven leader and a careful strategist, managing her role at Raby while also caring for two young children.

Ted Bednez

Production Manager

Ted is one of our dedicated Production Managers with expertise in ordering job-site materials, project scheduling, and ensuring utmost safety and quality control, all while managing multiple projects. With a proven track record of keeping projects on time while maintaining a high standard of safety and quality, Ted is an essential asset to our team.

Bradley Anders

Production Manager

Bradley is a seasoned Production Manager with 15 years of dedicated experience at Raby Construction. He plays a pivotal role in our success by ensuring all projects he’s involved with run smoothly and is actively balancing multiple projects at once with ease. Bradley excels in job-site safety and quality control, ordering materials, and scheduling to keep jobs on time.

Travis Shrout

Project Manager

Travis is an accomplished Project Manager with an impressive 17-year track record in managing and executing complex projects while simultaneously ensuring job-site safety, adhering to budgets of all sizes, and upholding project timelines. His years of experience have led to proven techniques in team and time management making him an excellent leader both on and off the job-site.

Brian Cromer

Pre-Construction Services

Brian is a huge asset to the Raby Construction team bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the pre-construction services realm. He works diligently to ensure projects are set up for success from the very beginning, making for a seamless construction process.

Maria Meneses

Office Administrator

Maria is one of our dedicated Office Administrators with extensive experience in telephone reception, scheduling, and payroll administration. She is especially gifted in client relations and goes the extra mile to ensure administrative processes are completed with the highest attention to detail and in a timely manner.

Michelle Ramos

Office Administrator

Michelle serves our team as an Office Administrator, helping to provide an unparalleled client experience and ensure the day-to-day operations of the office are running smoothly. She has a deep understanding of various accounting tasks, handling tax documents, running payroll reports, building client relationships, and much more.

Robert Bock

Asset Manager

Robert is a diligent Asset Manager responsible for managing and maintaining all equipment essential for job progression and production. With a keen focus on ensuring all assets are in top shape and working properly, Robert plays a crucial role in maximizing job efficiency and timeliness.

Matt McGee

Concrete Manager

Matt is a huge asset to the Raby Construction team and brings over 18 years of experience working in concrete. A marine, Matt enjoys off-roading, camping, and spending time with his wife and their three children. Matt’s favorite part about working with concrete is the pouring process, as it sets the foundation for a successful project.

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