About Us

Founded in 1996 by Michael Raby, Raby Construction has long been a trusted partner for developers in South Carolina. Today, our team carries with us a combined 50 years of experience in the project engineering, project management, and general contracting sectors, with a common goal of providing safe, quality spaces for our clients. The three pillars of commitment we bring with us into each project are safety, excellence, and integrity. Using these pillars as a foundation for our business, we are able to build a better future for our clients time after time.


At Raby Construction, safety is our number one priority. Through our accident prevention program, we foster a culture of safety to protect both our employees and our clients. This not only keeps them physically safe, but also ensures that performance stays high. Through background checks, continuing education, and routine job site inspections, we can address any safety concern well before it becomes an issue.


What does it mean to build with excellence? For us, it is simple—doing whatever it takes to maintain a high quality of work while simultaneously exceeding our client’s expectations. We work closely with you to determine your company’s unique needs and let our industry knowledge and years of experience take your ideas to the next level.


Everything we do at Raby Construction is backed by integrity. Whether it be the services we provide or the opinions we share, you can trust that our team has your best interest at heart. We pride ourselves on being direct and honest. Clients appreciate this because they always know exactly what is happening during each step of the building process.