For any business, a strong financial foundation is paramount to the success of a company. At Raby Construction, we would argue it’s even more important. Balancing the cost and revenue of multiple projects, teams, supplies, machinery, and crews—all at one time—requires the utmost care. And leading that important charge for us is Hristos Lironis, our CFO. 

Yes, Hristos. It’s always fun to watch people twist their tongues trying to pronounce it correctly. The name is of Greek origin, meaning anointed or favored by God. Hristos fits this name well, as he juggles the financials and accounting ins and outs with the wisdom of Greek God Zeus himself. In fact, that’s Hristos’s favorite superhero.

What makes Hristos especially crucial to Raby is that his role goes way beyond number crunching: he strategically helps to steer Raby through incredibly complex financial situations, keeping us organized and efficient so that we can keep our attention on serving our clients. 

As one can imagine with a name like Hristos, his Greek heritage is important to him. He loves bringing Greek culture into his everyday life, especially in the kitchen. His go-to dish is a classic gyro and his mom’s homemade baklava.

Food is also a connection to family, and Hristos remains incredibly dedicated to his own. With a three-year-old daughter and another baby on the way, he jokes that his dream job would be a stay-at-home dad if he weren’t so committed to Raby. He uses his attention to detail in his leisure time as well by tending to his yard with meticulous care. 

As much as he loves to spend time at home, Hristos also loves to travel. It’s no surprise he’s visited family in Greece at least a dozen times, but he also aims to visit all 50 states at least once. So far he’s checked off six on the East Coast alone. When traveling, he prefers to find local hidden gems and skip the tourist attractions. 

When asked how his life would change if he won the lottery?  “Not much,” he answers. He’s so committed to Raby that he would remain our stellar CFO while also spoiling his family even more … and planning a few more trips, of course.

We can truly say that without Hristos, our company would not be as financially organized; but perhaps more importantly, we wouldn’t feel as grounded. Hristos brings strategic financial management, for sure, but he also brings a rich personal history, as well as a commitment to his immediate family, as well as his work family. Εβίβα!, Hristos!