Institutional construction is a key area of focus at Raby Construction. This specific avenue of construction requires precision and quality, and a deep understanding of the specific needs of each project. One of our favorite projects in the institutional realm is the Clemson Heritage Senior Living Center.

When we took on the Clemson Heritage Senior Living Center our goal was to build a structurally sound building in the time given so that the community could begin using it. 

We were working with a huge space of 70,000 square feet filled with 65 personal living spaces and seven duplexes for residents who like a bit more independence. At the center of it all was a commercial kitchen large enough to service the entire community.

We faced some serious curveballs with COVID-19 hitting right as we were wrapping up around March and April of 2020. Despite the challenges and the world turning upside down, our crew pushed through, getting it all done in just over a year. It really showed what we’re made of–resilience and dedication above all else. 

Our clients were focused on making a space that wasn’t just safe and functional (which, of course, is imperative), but also warm and welcoming. This project was all about understanding what the residents really need, especially as they advance in years. These needs included considerations like wide corridors for easy walking, abundant natural light, and common areas.

The project included energy-saving features and eco-friendly materials and we collaborated with the developers to deliver their sustainability-focused goals. 

Seeing the Clemson Heritage Senior Living Center come to life was a proud moment for us. At Raby Construction, we’re not just constructing buildings; we’re piecing together the fabric of communities.

The Clemson Heritage Senior Living Center is a perfect example of our love for being part of a team of architects, developers, and clients with a common goal–creating spaces that matter. It takes a strong team to create a meaningful project, and this team was definitely a good one.