Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow, and for seven-year-old Kennie Raby, a recent day spent shadowing her Father, Michael, at Raby Construction turned into an exciting and educational adventure. Kennie, usually spotted in anything but jeans, marked the milestone with her first pair of denim.

The day kicked off with breakfast at Waffle House, fueling up for a busy day ahead. The first stop was a deep dive into the multifamily project called La Vida. Here, Kennie reviewed plans with her dad, getting a real feel for the scale and detail involved in construction projects.

One of the highlights of Kennie’s day was her time spent with Matt McGee, our Concrete Manager. Matt introduced her to the world of concrete, showing her various tools and explaining their purposes. Kennie, equipped with her pink hard hat and vest, was a quick study, absorbing information about each tool and its function.

A particularly intriguing moment for Kennie was using the measuring wheel to determine material estimates. She watched, fascinated, as it was rolled through dirt to gauge the amount of concrete needed for a project. It was a hands-on experience that offered her a glimpse into the practical aspects of construction.

Kennie’s day at Raby Construction was not just about shadowing the President of the company, her Father; it was a journey of discovery and learning. From understanding the basics of a construction site to getting her hands dirty (figuratively speaking), she gained valuable insights into the world of construction.

At Raby Construction, we believe it’s never too early to inspire the next generation of contractors and innovators.