It all started in 1996. After a successful career in sales, Raby construction founder, Michael Raby, decided he was ready to pursue what he’s always wanted to do in life, start his own business in construction. For years, he honed his sales and relationship acumen, recognizing that the key to a successful business is rooted in trust and communication.

When it comes to the start of his company, the stoic and steady leader saw it as a simple step. “I bought a pick up truck and just started it,” Michael explains. Hitting the ground running with a qualified team, we quickly started working on various projects within the commercial and residential arena until finding a sweet spot in commercial and local multi-family developments.

Today, our team of more than 100 dedicated contractors, project managers, and staff work on anything from assisted living and collegiate housing projects to retail, commercial, and industrial structures across the Carolinas.

What led to our quick growth? It’s simple: consistent communication with our clients and a dedication to keeping the process moving efficiently, no matter what. No exaggerations. No sugarcoating. Simply taking your calls and being proactive about any potential road bumps ahead. 

Sound refreshing? We’re not a crew that will disappear or lead you astray, and that reputation is a huge differentiator in the industry. 

It really is that simple because, for us, it is always about the equation of hard, quality work yielding success. From the beginning, we’ve said that there is nothing magical or a “secret sauce” to finding success. It’s all about dedication and caring about the work you do.

So, as we look back on this 27-year journey, we invite you to follow along. The past, present, and future of Raby construction are filled with stories of dedicated employees, countless hours of quality work, and a loyal commitment to our clients. We are excited to share our story as we continue to pave the way for generations across North and South Carolina.