A common complaint about construction companies is timing: projects are delayed or stalled for a myriad of reasons, including weather conditions, supply chain issues, or unforeseen design issues. The reason for this? Any significant construction project involves multiple parties: contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, suppliers, etc. So if one piece fails to deliver, it creates a domino effect.

For this reason, having someone on point to spearhead processes, workflows, and understand the intricacies of the team is paramount. Enter Diana Raby. 

As the Operations and Account Manager, Diana has a hand in marketing, accounts payable/receivable, IT, scheduling, and any number of other duties that fit within the broad umbrella of her role. 

With a background in fashion merchandising, at first glance, her role at Raby Construction may seem like a mismatch. However, Diana’s interest in fashion stemmed from her fascination with all the details of clothing. 

“I love the construction of clothing—the quality of a piece is largely based on its design and formation,” Diana says. “I’m all about the details: the buttons, the hems, and how clothes can enhance a person’s look.”

Similarly, in her role at Raby Construction, she keeps her eye on all of the details, noting how each person has a role that complements the larger team. If one detail is left out, the overall project suffers, and Diana works each day to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“I’m always looking to find ways to improve things,” she explains. “Each day we strive to be even more efficient.”

Outside of the office, Diana is the wife to Michael Raby and mother to daughter Kennie and son Knox. Married for 13 years, they are one of those rare couples who make business and personal life thrive. Of course, it’s not always perfect.

“The biggest challenge is the lack of time,” Diana says, “but we love our busy life. Michael and I work really well together at home and in the office. Raby is our lifeline.” 

When she does find time, Diana spends it running, strength training, and cooking clean, whole foods. Cooking and appreciating quality food is a way for Diana to unwind and spend time with her family, especially during trips to the Isle of Palms.

Diana has big goals for the future of Raby Construction. Over the next five years, she wants to grow the footprint of the firm, increase its community involvement, and continue Raby’s overall growth. And she’ll meet those goals by doing what she does best: keeping her eye on the details.