When you ask William Pittman what he does at Raby, he’ll laugh and say he has his hands on just about everything. His official title is Production Manager, which means his primary responsibility is to oversee and coordinate all aspects of construction projects from start to finish. 

This includes planning and scheduling project timelines, allocating resources such as materials, equipment, and labor, and ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and according to all regulations. He works closely with project managers, site supervisors, subcontractors, and other stakeholders to monitor progress. 

William is definitely the team player needed on every project—managing project documentation, maintaining quality control, and implementing efficient processes to maximize productivity and profitability. 

He loves his work, keeps his head down, and approaches everything he does with excellence and integrity. 

William is the epitome of the Raby Standard. 

After eight years of working at Raby, he says, “I don’t let anything stop me, I always look ahead.” When William runs into obstacles on the construction site he is calm and systematic, believing, “there’s always a way to get things done if you can just take a second to think about it.” 

When you meet William, you may not describe him as soft-hearted, but once he starts talking about his family and his dogs, you’ll see a different side of him. 

After a long day, he loves to spend time with his wife and children at the lake. His chocolate lab Kane and dachshund Savannah round out the Pittman family, and these pups have a pretty sweet life. Next month Kane will celebrate his seventh birthday with a party complete with puppy-friendly cupcakes.  

If William won the lottery he’d keep working, but he may spend more hunting. He’d love to be a hunting guide and enjoys hunting pheasant, dove, quail, and has even hunted in Maine and Canada. 

Aside from fresh game, his favorite food of all time is fried chicken and homemade biscuits, but when he’s heading to a job site, his go-to snack is “a hot weenie, a pack of crackers, and a cold bottle of water.” 

William is an integral part of taking projects from blueprints to buildings, and we are so grateful he’s part of the Raby Construction team.