If you call us at Raby Construction and ask to speak to the VP, Dozer, don’t be surprised when you hear enthusiastic barking on the other end of the line. 

Our team at Raby is comprised of some of the best and most hard-working people you’ll ever meet. You can read more about them in our previous blogs here – but no all-star team is complete without a four-legged friend.

Dozer Raby, a five-year-old Weimaraner from an ethical breeder in Georgia, is our VP of morale. Weimaraners have been considered loveable underdogs of field and trial competition. Most if not all of his siblings have gone on to excel in the field trial competitions. Then there is Dozer. He was hand-picked by the breeder for a lovable, pet-only home because he’s more interested in hanging out with people than pointing at birds. 

These days he spends his days shadowing our Operations and Accounting Manager Diana Raby, ensuring he joins her for every meeting or walk about the office.

While Dozer may have been bred to be an athlete, he’s adapted well to the VP lifestyle. If you see Dozer at the office, he’ll be on his best behavior, and may even climb onto a chair to sit next to you in the conference room or you can catch him snoring at his favorite chair up front. 

A day at a job site is probably his favorite duty as VP. His responsibilities include canvassing the entire site, finding his “all of a sudden” favorite rock, and testing all retention ponds by trodding through the silt. When it is time to go, and Dozer is nowhere to be found, our President yells out Dozer’s recall command, “OMAHA!” (yes, it’s an ode to Peyton Manning–our President’s alma mater is the University of Tennessee) And Dozer will immediately return and expect a special cookie. 

At home, it’s a different story. Still a puppy at heart, Dozer keeps his family on their toes by climbing on furniture, rifling through the trash, and trying to eat anything from leftovers to toys, to golf balls. 

When he’s not overseeing building projects, or partaking in work meetings, Dozer enjoys being outside (as long as it’s not too hot and his family is with him). Dozer loves to play fetch with frisbees, run through the ocean at the beach, and pretend to point to catch a bird. He may want to be a mighty hunter but he lacks some skills. 

Despite his affection for his human companions, Dozer is slightly jealous of his human siblings, Kennie and Knox. He’s a quintessential middle child and is always vying for attention from his favorite person, Diana. We are sure that’s why all the children’s toys are half-eaten. 

Dozer’s sixth birthday is May 30, and the whole office will be part of the celebration. The party will include everything from piñatas (he has a particular affinity for them) to puppy-approved cakes and cookies.

Whether he’s lounging under construction equipment to escape the summer heat, or waiting on table scraps in the office lunch room, he’s sure to put a smile on your face.